Strange & Co.

Eatery & Bar

Strange & Co. pays homage to the past, present and future of Christchurch in Strange's Lane

Thurs September 21st - Nick Lee from 9pm

Fri September 22nd - Lindon Puffin from 8pm followed by Izonik at 11pm

Sat September 23rd - Strange‘s Lane 3rd Birthday Burger Eating Contest Hosted by Snap, Uptown Shakedown and nacoa

Sun September 24th - Live Music from 3pm         

For details and info - visit our Facebook Page.


Whatever state you're in on Sunday, Stranges Lane is the place to be. We're throwing on Sunday brunch every Sunday with excessive amounts of waffles and delicious sides to add. Drop in from 12pm - 4pm and feast, your Sunday deserves it.



Waffles $8 (With Butter & Chipotle Maple)


2 Eggs $4 (Scrambled, Fried or Poached)
Bacon $3
Fried Chicken $4
Andoule Sausage $4
Mushrooms $3
Baked Beans $4
Grilled Tomato $3

Cuppa Joe Filter Coffee $3 (free refills)

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